AZ Advertising Promotions

Advertising Promotions in Arizona

All types of promotional balloons, advertising blimps and giant advertising inflatables forĀ  advertising promotions at sale or event. Call 602-938-3550 for advertising balloons in Phoenix.

custom advertising balloons

Custom advertising balloons manufactured in USA.

We have a huge selection of helium advertising balloons and promotional blimps available for sale and rent in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Many different sizes, colors and shapes available at very affordable prices.

Advertising Inflatables for sale and rent in Phoenix.

advertising inflatables Phoenix

Huge selection of advertising inflatables!

We have giant and not so giant advertising inflatables available for every holiday and type of event.

Call 602-938-3550 or 1-800-791-1445 for more information on AZ Advertising Promotions!

25 feet tall Kong-gorilla advertising inflatable

Huge selection of Gorilla inflatables available.

Black gorillas, red gorillas, brown gorillas, pink gorillas, orange gorillas and many different sizes available.

Giant Promotional Balloons for Advertising Promotions in Arizona.

red tag shape 25 ft high cold-air inflatable.q

Red Tag Sales Get Results!

Call 1-800-791-1445 or email

Phoenix Advertising Blimps

promotional blimps for advertising promotions

Advertising Blimps Phoenix

Advertising blimps increase visibility, traffic and sales for businesses and events.

Call 1-800-791-1445 or 602-938-3550 for more information on advertising promotions in the Phoenix area.

Eagle shape advertising inflatable

Advertising inflatables for sale and rent in Phoenix.

We have hundreds of advertising inflatables available for promotions in the Phoenix Arizona area.

Statue of Liberty shape cold-air advertising inflatable

Statue of Liberty custom advertising inflatable for Rent in Phoenix

Many different types and sizes of advertising inflatables. We have everything from Aliens to Astronauts to Santa to Saguaro cacti to UFOs. Most of these giant balloons are cold-air advertising inflatables but we also have a huge selection of giant helium balloons for events and parades.

We manufacture our helium balloons and helium blimps in the USA. We use polyurethane as the material for our balloons and blimps. Polyurethane is lighter, stronger and more helium retentive than balloons and blimps made of PVC. 99% of balloons and blimps made of PVC are made in China.

We also manufacture custom helium inflatables. We have made everything from components for the Space Elevator to giant satellites and helicopter replicas for movies.

Giant Balloons for sale in Phoenix.

giant yellow color sun helium balloon

Custom Helium Balloons for Events & Trade shows.

Parade Balloons for sale and rent in Phoenix Arizona.

giant 20ft tall turkey helium parade balloon in air with two yellow star balloons

Parade balloons for Phoenix events.


Call 602-938-3550 for advertising balloons and advertising blimps in the Valley of the Sun!

Email: for prices and more information.





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